Does renting make sense?

Did you know that e-loue is the first French marketplace community based on a rental platform in this fast growing shared economy? Well, now you do!

With the amount of time left for summer, there is still a lot of activities to do. Thinking about having a function, kid’s birthday party or, wedding coming up? E-loue is the perfect website to save money and rent the objects needed; like tables, chairs, inflatables and tents.

An important feature to take into account when planning an event or wedding is a table. There’s so many choices to consider when choosing the right table like the shapes. You could want a round table, square table, or rectangular table. Not to mention deciding the size table you would need. There is no a right or wrong when choosing your rental tables, and e-loue allows you to personalize your choice.


Paris is known for its rainy days so a tent makes it possible to have a party nearly anywhere. Instead of renting out a hall you can have your party in a garden, at a meaningful location or even in your own backyard. If you’re ever planning to throw a kids birthday party, a bounce house is a great form of entertainment. Bounce houses are loads of fun, and a great way for children to be active.

The obvious advantage to renting is that you get access to extremely expensive items for a relatively small fee. E-loue gives you the opportunity to rent all these objects opposed to buying and spending a lot of money. It also allows you to test objects out before committing to purchasing it permanently. Try out e-loue and test it out. E-loue is the right way to go!



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